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Stunning Frontend

A white label frontend with advance ticketing features

Ticketlive offers custom solutions for your fans to purchase tickets, update memberships, select seats, gather matchday information and also display information on upcoming fixtures. Using a whitelabel solution, integrated into your current site that can be customised from client to client giving you the power to create a custom experience for your fans.


A Event ticketing dashboard where you take control

Our dashboard is an information management tool that visually tracks, analyzes and displays KPI’s, metrics and key data points to monitor the buying habits of your patrons. This is completely customizable to meet the specific needs of each party and department associated. 


With our easy to use displays, all data in the form of tables, line charts, bar charts and gauges. Giving you the most efficient way to track multiple data sources at any one time. All of this is in Real-time monitoring reducing the hours of analyzing and long line of communication that previously challenged businesses.


Ticket live is like nothing else in the industry, our dashboard allows you to create, control, sell, market your upcoming matches & events all from one platform. Our dashboard offers a simple to use visual navigational interface that puts the control back in your hands.  We have all parties covered with simple to understand visual reporting for your event managers, transactional reports for Box office managers and even comprehensive reporting and auditing tools for the senior members of the club. With multiple logins we can make only the important information available to each user. Making those tedious and cumbersome jobs just that bit easier.

Box office solutions

cut your lines in half we call it . tbox

Using state of the art web based technology we have created a box office that seamlessly connects to your Ticket live interface making connections and the usual challenging tasks of event management and customer service a much easier undertaking 


Our Box office is simple and exceptionally user friendly. Within a few clicks you can capture fan data, select seats and print out members cards or event tickets. Ultimately reducing the waiting times for your patrons to around 20-30secs per sale with the ability to even add upsells into the process.

merchandise, accomodation & customer surveys.

Add that extra cashflow

Some of the key additional features TicketLive has included in its software package to allow you to quickly and easily identify customers buying habits interests and ultimately provide a flawless end to end experience for your patrons.  

This can be operated both at the box office and during the online process down to the specific ticket type removing the current hands on process of gathering data and selling merchandise.


Hardware solutions

We have all the hardware you need.

We currently have our own branded state of the art point of sale systems, waist height turnstiles, full height turnstiles, Ticket purchasing Kiosks, hand held scanning units and RFID technology access control modules. OR 

TicketLive can connect with your stadiums infrastructure – gates, turnstiles, box office equipment along with current scanning units. All that is required is an internet connection TicketLive offers a number of accessories to support the security requirements of your venue. Our system works in real time and all scanning & entry data is instantly updated within the dashboard of the system. You can also record all staff, vendors and special guests entry & exit behaviours as well as request alerts when people of interest enter the venue.

customer service

the right event ticketing support.

At Ticket live we provide end to end customer service from professional training sessions for all staff members to procedural roll out documents, support and our ongoing account management team to work with your every needs.

Customer service is our highest priority and our team prides itself on our customer first mentality. No matter the time or the place. Feel free to contact our support line or your account manager with any questions or needs.

memberships that give you control.

T-Member is our advance membership feature within our platform.

This in the past has been a cumbersome process not allowing Ticketing software to connect with a membership platform flawlessly, Tmember allows you to build membership profiles on each of your patrons, buying habits, interests and even travel restrictions.


Our world first online membership/registration platform has also reduced the amount of time to generate a membership with the ability to upload a secure photo to be printed directly to the card for shipping or pick up. We allow an unlimited amount of membership packages allowing the customer to tailor a specific membership package that suits their sometimes unique requirements, ultimately making membership obtainable for more patrons and building your database.

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